Climate Controlled Warehouse in Waterford, MI

When you need to store a few items or your entire home, Changing Places Moving can help. We offer climate-controlled storage in Waterford, MI.

How Can We Help You?

Perhaps you have to move out some belongings to stage your home. Maybe you have too many items for your new home and need to sort through them eventually. No matter why you need storage, you can depend on us for quality storage that is safe, secure, and affordable.

We will go over the particulars of your storage needs. Do you need short- or long-term storage? Do you have items that need specific temperatures or require special care? We will customize our storage capabilities to fit your needs.  

When you choose to store items in our climate-controlled warehouse, all your belongings get exceptional care. We inventory each item for condition and tracking, then wrap them with care for the move to storage. At the warehouse, we’ll ensure each item is accounted for and then load them into individual storage vaults so that the items can stay safe and secure while they’re with us.

Why Is Climate-Controlled Storage Better?

You might think that a self-storage unit is the best option for you, but many of these storage units won’t protect your items from moisture, pests, or extreme temperatures. These problems can lead to your items being damaged or ruined. But with climate-controlled storage, you don’t have to worry about these issues. After their time in storage, your possessions are returned to you in the same condition you left them in.  

How Can You Get Started?

If you’re interested in our climate-controlled storage, especially if you plan to move soon, we’re here for you. Please call us at 248-674-3937 or request a quote online today. We look forward to providing the space you need for your belongings.