Packing tips for moving

Changing Places offer many packing tips for moving to facilitate a smooth and stress-free move.


Changing Places offers a variety of cartons to facilitate your move. A complete list of carton sizes and uses is included in your customer information package. The most common sizes and uses are:

  • Dishpacks- Dishes, crystal, glassware, large flower arrangements, table lamps
  • Small Cartons- Breakables, books, records, canned food, tools
  • Medium Cartons- Pots/pans, dry foods, games, toys
  • Large Cartons- Bedding, linens, large toys
  • Wardrobe Cartons- Hanging clothes, shoes and hats. Wardrobe Cartons are brought to your home on the day of the move.

Time and Cost Saving Tips

  • Remove glass table tops, marble tops, and mirrors from dressers.
  • Dismantle beds, remove lamp shades, and wind cords around lamps.
  • Label cartons with destination in new home. Place close to exit at origin house if movers are moving them, but do not block walkways or doorways.
  • Insure clear pathways to exit at origin and entrance at destination.
  • Move cartons, lamps, pictures, glass tops and small pieces yourself.

Changing Places Safety Regulations

  • We cannot handle glass and marble table tops, lamp shades and bases, pictures, mirrors or small electronics unless they are packed in cartons.
  • Clothing and linens may be left in dressers, chests and night stands but books, valuables, jewelry and breakables – such as perfume bottles – must be removed.
  • Refrigerators and freezers will be loaded last, and unloaded first. Their contents should be placed in coolers just before they are moved.
  • Government regulations prevent us from transporting paints, gasoline, pressurized or toxic materials, firearms, ammunition or propane tanks.
  • In winter months snow and ice must be removed from driveways and walkways leading from your door to the moving van in order to protect our workers and your possessions.
  • If an elevator is involved in your move, please check with your building manager to see if you must have an elevator reservation.
  • Dismount or remove any items secured to the wall i.e. artwork, mirrors, window treatments. We are not responsible for rehanging or reinstalling any items that were on the walls.
  • Equipment containing gasoline must be drained before moving.

These packing tips for moving are provided by Changing Places to provide an efficient and effective process for the customer as well as the safety of your possessions and our workers.