Moving Your House or Home? Why You Should Take a Second Look at Moving Quotes Before Making the Final Decision

Many people seek out the cheapest moving company they can find in their area. Yet, this often results in the person incurring unforeseen expenses due to not looking at the moving quote in its entirety. Make sure you take a second look at the estimate you are given before deciding on whom to hire, so you know exactly what you will be paying for.

Whenever hiring a moving company the initial thought of most people is to get an estimate of how much it will cost.  While asking for a moving quote is normal, it should be noted that going with the lowest offered quote is not always recommended, as it can often shield someone from what is really going on.  Most of the time, there is a serious reason behind why one company is able to offer a price that is so far lower than all of their competitors.  Make sure you actually know how much each company will end up costing you, given the circumstances surrounding your move, specifically.

Look over the moving quotes front to back and fully understand how much hiring each of the companies you are considering to see how much they may actually end up costing.

There are often situations when homeowners are confused by the seemingly inflated bill they are given by their moving company at the end of the job.  Usually, moving quotes will include a one-time service charge and an hourly rate, with a minimum amount of hours necessary.   If your specific project is not expected to exceed this minimum level of labor, you need to account for being charged that amount when calculating the estimated final cost.  Many people think that companies offering low hourly rates are the most affordable, yet the minimum amount of hours for which they will charge needs to be taken into consideration, as it may cause them to actually be more expensive.  For example, Company A charges $108/hour, 2 hour minimum, with a $110 fixed charge, and Company B charges $69/hour, 3 hour minimum with a $149 fixed charge.  If you project is expected to take no more than 2 hours, you can expect to be charged $326 from Company A and $356 from Company B, even though they have a lower hourly rate.

Get a Good Estimate
Only consider choosing from the moving companies that are willing to speak with you about your house and your belongings so they can give you accurate moving quotes.  First and foremost, a company that is not open to communication for surveying a prospective project, will have very little sense of what will actually be required of them.  You want to make sure you hire someone that is fully prepared.  Second, anyone that denies speaking with you about the job will clearly not have the customer service skills that are desired by any company in a service industry.  Furthermore, movers that lack communication often subject their customers to the many troubles of subcontracted work.

Be Active in Comparing Prices
Once one potential option gives you paperwork to look over, use that to your advantage.  In order to understand everything involved in your moving quotes, ask the movers that look at your house why they differ in pricing from the others you have already seen.  Presenting them the actual estimates that you have already received will help you pinpoint each of the expenses associated with the final cost.  One may have a larger team, a more in-depth insurance policy, a higher valuation of your belongings, or more expensive equipment.  Any papers you can get on what you will be charged by one mover can be very helpful in determining the best option.

Other Things to Take into Consideration
Your research in finding the appropriate mover should go far beyond pricing alone.  It is imperative that you look into the experience and legal standing of the companies that you are thinking about hiring.  The more experience a contractor has in the industry, the more they will be apt to handle whatever unique obstacles may be thrown their way by your job.  Furthermore, the longer they have been in business the more likely it is that there is a plethora of reviews available on sites such as so you can get a better sense of their performance.  Finally, always check the Better Business Bureau, American Moving & Storage Association, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, to make sure they are properly licensed and legally allowed to operate. Do not fall into the trap of hiring someone that is neither qualified nor eligible to perform, just because they offer a low rate.

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